yulip-clean beauty-lipstick 


Founded in 2017 in Seoul, Korea, YULIP was created with the very simple and straightforward goal of producing truly clean beauty products. We are committed to designing lipsticks and lip balms that are clean for us, our future generations, and our planet.



As a beauty and makeup enthusiast, I’d always been frustrated with the lack of available cosmetics for those of us with super sensitive skin. Once I became pregnant, my desire to find makeup products that I could wear without fear became even stronger. Fear of skin breakouts, fear of the impact toxins could have on my body and most importantly, fear of hurting the baby growing inside of me. I was shocked and disappointed to learn that there was basically nothing out there that I could wear-especially for lips! I was also surprised and disappointed to learn that many people did not think that clean beauty could be pretty or functional.



So, I set out to change that and created YULIP! I am proud and excited to share with you the results of our efforts to create a line of clean lip products that use only natural and organic ingredients. YULIP lipsticks and lip balms are safer, more beautiful and can always be relied on.


Plus, YULIP is women owned and operated.


- Heasung Won, the Founder