Beauty That Coexists

Every year the makeup industry produces a huge amount of packaging, much of which cannot be recycled. As a beauty company, we’re taking our part seriously.

That's why we've recreated our brand, YULIP.

We believe beauty can coexist with our one and only planet.

Learn about our sustainability

Yes! It's biodegradable and refillable.

Our new design was created to realize our vision to reduce plastic waste(s). Made with the bioplastic PLA (Polylactic acid), our lipstick case can start degrading after 6 months when it’s exposed to the environment. Better yet, you can simply reuse it over and over by replacing the refill tube. Because using a refill is better for our planet.

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  • Compostable

    Our biodegradable case can help to save our planet.

  • Refillable

    You can significantly reduce wastes by refilling your lipstick.

  • yulip new packaging environment friendly


    Our new box design is easy-to- recycle and helps reducing waste.

  • Responsible

    All our natural ingredients are responsibly sourced.

Clean, natural, and powerful

YULIP’s authentic formula is good enough to meet everyone's needs for their lips. Benefits from our natural formula are not limited to just hydration and nourishment but are so powerful that you can ditch other lip products.

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Hydrating lipstick set (3 pcs)
Tinted Lip Balm Set (3 pcs)
YULIP clear lip balm set

We believe in nature.

“Since our beginning four years ago, YULIP has served many women who’d been suffering from sensitive lips. From now on, I believe people will find new joy in playing their part to help our planet by learning how their beauty routine can also be sustainable.”

- Founder & CEO of YULIP, Heasung Won