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When creative design meets functionality.

Small actions can have a huge impact on our planet 🌎

Opening a package that's delivered to you involves lots of feelings: excitement, surprise, happiness, etc. But what if you have to deal with layers upon layers of wrappers until you find the actual item? Well, for some people, that part can also build up excitement, but think about the wrappers and shipping fillers being instantly thrown away.


When our team was setting up the goal for our rebranding, we wanted to address this specific problem. The conventional lipstick box would not be very sustainable, and the whole world is shifting to produce a smaller carbon footprint during the shipping process.


What are the best ways to reduce our impact on our planet?

When you open your shipping package delivered from us, don't be surprised if our lipsticks look a little bit lonely. They might not be wrapped around with plastic fillers, or with layers upon layers of wrapping paper to protect them, but they will be delivered intact thanks to our new, creative packaging.  😊


After collaborating with an expert packaging structural designer in Korea for a few months about how we could reduce unnecessary packaging fillers inside the shipping box, our lipstick box acquired a new “pod” shape—the pod that protects seeds.


A Pod Protecting Your Lipstick Throughout the Journey

Yes, with the pod-shaped design, our new lipstick box helps our lipstick withstand the rough and tumble process of shipping throughout its journey. We tested and tested. The whole box is easy to assemble (see the short video below about how to assemble it) and 100% recyclable if it’s not wet or stained.




yulip pod shaped box