Beauty that coexists 

Our journey started in 2017, and we’re still moving forward to make progress towards sustainability. Please join us on our journey to do better for our planet. 


The makeup industry produces a huge amount of packaging, much of which cannot be recycled. (*According to the recycling company TerraCycle, the global cosmetic industry produces 120 billion units of packaging every year.)


This unavoidable truth made us keep moving forward to save our planet. Here’s every aspect of sustainable design we created over the past year.






From nature to nature, a PLA case

YULIP biodegradable PLA case

Our new, lightweight case is made of biodegradable PLA. PLA (Polylactic Acid), unlike other traditional plastics, is made from renewable, non-petroleum resources, such as corn starch or sugar cane. And one of its huge benefits is that it naturally degrades when exposed to the environment.
Its biodegradability is in dispute, and we understand that it’s not a 100% perfect solution for the earth. However, we believe it’s still a better option for our environment.





 Refillable design helps.

The best way to reduce waste is to prevent it in the first place.  Our new, rebranded packaging is created with this in mind. Please do not throw away your well-loved case if it is still in perfect condition. (Win-win for everyone!)

Simply purchase refills and reuse the case again for our earth. 






Easy refill.yulip how to refill


Our clear refill case is made with BPA-free and highly recyclable PN200 plastic. This means YULIP's refill cases can be recycled through curbside programs! Just remember to clean the case before you throw it away (cotton swabs always work great).


More than 30% of women in the US spend between $50 to $100 to buy lipsticks and lip glosses every year.  This means they throw away about 4 or 5 lip products yearly. With refillable lipstick, we should be able to reduce this significantly.



YULIP is on a mission to reduce beauty wastes with our refillable lipsticks. Will you join us?

Think Outside the Box!

We created a whole new design just to save our planet!

Instead of using double or triple protective shipping materials that will be thrown away as soon as you receive the package, we ship our lipstick in an innovative, shock-absorbent 'pod' (which is a completely different concept from what you think a lipstick box is). Our pod will protect your lipstick throughout the journey. 




yulip new packaging  


    Our journey has not finished yet.

    As we launch our newly rebranded, sustainable packaging, we believe it’s still not the end of our journey. We’re always working hard to find a better solution for all.

    At YULIP, we believe beauty can coexist with us and our planet.


    Your YULIP journey starts here. Start shopping sustainable lipsticks now! 






    Clean for us, our future generations, and our planet.

    Find out more about our founding story here.