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Created by mom for all our daughters

Founded in 2017, YULIP features 100% non-toxic and all natural lipsticks. While K-beauty had revolutionized global beauty standards and the Korean beauty world starting shifting towards all natural skincare products, ‘lipstick’ has been slightly deviating from the rest of the beauty trends.

Founder Hyesung Won has more than 10 years of experience as a PR manager in the beauty industry in Korea. While she was pregnant with her child, even though she has been only applying natural skin products onto her face, her lips had become seriously irritated because of the luxurious, beautiful lipsticks she was wearing. She began researching non-irritating, organic and all-natural ingredient, and decided to launch her own brand.

YULIP started through one of the largest Korean crowdfunding platforms called ‘Tumblebug,’ reaching almost 350% of its targeted amount. It also proved that an increasing number of Korean women and moms had been in need of healthier lipsticks, amidst the diverse offerings of lipsticks. For its first project, YULIP introduced three of the most essential and trendy shades, including ‘LIP ALMIGHTY,’ a lip balm that was the first item to sell out.

With high demand from customers, YULIP launched a second project in the fall of 2017, offering two new lipstick shades and an upgraded version of LIP ALMIGHTY, which was recreated as a ‘vegan’ product. This carmine-free lip balm instantly sold out in 2017.

YULIP means…

YULIP is named after founder Hyesung Won’s daughter.  Hyesung wanted to create a lipstick that is not harmful to both moms and daughters. Inspired by her daughter, Hyesung wanted to incorporate her daughter's name ‘YUL’ into the brand. YUL also means ‘rhythm’ when translated into Chinese characters. As a result, YULIP strives to become a brand that makes your lips sing.