From a beauty enthusiast to clean beauty advocate.

Mom, wife, and former beauty editor Hyesung Won has been a super enthusiastic beauty product lover since a little girl. But with her super sensitive skin type, everything she adored didn’t suit her.

The most crucial reason she started YULIP was it was so hard for her to find beautiful but clean she can wear without any skin irritation.

As a mom to a daughter, she also found her little girl always grabbed things from her and copy what she did. So she felt she needed something she could share with her daughter without worry.


“ I wanted to design lipstick for all women including sensitive women, pregnant mom, or even moms with little ones. At least I believe no one should worry about trying to be / look beautiful.

As YULIP is named after my daughter’s name, I focused on the products that mom could share with their own daughter. The safest, beautiful, and conscious lipstick, that’s why I started this brand.”

Hyesung Won, Founder & CEO