Hello👋🏼 from our Founder.

Hello👋🏼 from our Founder.

Welcome to the new, clean way to enjoy your lipstick.


Hi, My name is Heasung Won, I'm the founder and CEO of YULIP.  YULIP was born in 2017 from South Korea to envision my dream of ultra clean, functional lip products for everyone to use.  

As a beauty editor, I used to try many new beauty products including lipsticks. Unfortunately, I couldn't wear them because my skin reacted to most of them.

When my dermatologist said that the ingredients inside lipstick linger on your face even after thorough cleansing, I finally decided to start my own brand that's safe for all of us. 

My dream lipstick is safe enough for you to share with your little ones without losing its aesthetic value. I also believe beauty shouldn't be harmful to anything including our own planet.

This is why I created YULIP and I truly appreciate you joining our journey together. 



Founder, Heasung Won