Our first start.


Hi everyone,

In this post, I’d like to share a story about YULIP’s start in 2017, in Seoul where YULIP was founded and where I live.

After more than 10 years of professional career in beauty industry, the moment had come in which I had to make choices between ‘stay-home-mama’ and ‘working mom’. While I got pregnant, I decided to stay home with my daughter and I slowly started to look around myself and my family. That could probably be the first time I changed my whole point of view towards beauty products and industry.

Beautiful package, eye catching advertising, pretty model, and dazzling colors… These were the elements that I had put values on beauty products before child. But after pregnancy, I couldn’t keep my beauty routine any more and I had to change everything. That’s when I started to recognize there aren’t many good lipsticks for women who has sensitive skin, pregnant women who nurse babies. Or I just didn’t know which product I could trust or use that are suitable for busy, crazy mom like me.

After a hard work researching and learning about all the good ingredients that are perfectly fit for my lipstick, and also looking for a sustainable partners who were also sharing same values with me (such as anti-cruelty, eco-friendly), YULIP was finally created as a sustainable, responsible, 100% non-toxic lip brand. The first project was featuring ‘the very essential lipstick shades for everyday life.’

And of course, like many other startup company does these days, I started to raise money through one of the biggest crowdfunding platforms called Tumblebug in Korea. And to my surprise, it was a huge success raising $17,000 (which was 350% of my initial goal) just in 30 days.

I stayed up many nights especially after my daughter went to bed to fold thousands of lipstick boxes by myself because it was the only time I could concentrate on my work. Also I wrote endless notes to my dearest customers, and shipped them. It must have been the busiest, the most exhausting days in my life, but I would say that was one of the happiest moment of my life.

But It wasn’t the end. Without having YULIP’s own website back then, many customers who bought my first lipsticks were starting to ask where to buy more colors and more lipsticks. So, I started to sell our first lipsticks through MAKERS online market and instantly they got sold out. Seriously, all SOLD OUT.

YULIP was a small business running by a mom, but I was literally crying with happiness for lots of supports and al the love from my first customers. Their good reviews and opinions did matter for me and that’s how I could start creating my 2nd project and launched 3 more trendy colors (angry rose, sunset pink, and lip almighty v.2) in 2018. And that’s why I still continue to find and develop more good stuff that has never been existed, and share love with all women and moms out there.

Woman knows women better, mom knows mom better.