[NY Times] Do You Know What’s in Your Cosmetics?


Today’s NY Times published an opinion article about what we’ve been eagerly telling to people.

We hope this will be another wake up call for anyone who have not been aware of dirty side of cosmetic industry.

“In a 1988 hearing, Congress took the cosmetics industry to task for a rash of health and safety problems. Cosmetologists were reporting serious respiratory and nervous system damage. At least one woman had been permanently disfigured by flammable hair spray. And according to government data, nearly 1,000 toxic chemicals were lurking in countless other personal care products. Cosmetics companies were not doing enough to ensure that these products were safe, and the Food and Drug Administration did not have enough power to adequately police them.

When Edward Kavanaugh, president of the industry’s leading trade group, disputed those claims, Ron Wyden, then an Oregon congressman, stood firm. The industry’s safety apparatus was “a piecemeal patchwork system in dire need of repair,” Mr. Wyden said. Legislative reform was clearly needed.

That was 30 years ago. To date, no such reforms have been passed.”

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Hyesung Won